Racing Style - J3000NDmr

Without gaskets, enjoy a comfort swimming!!
Gaskets or No Gaskets, any way OK!!
It fits well on a small and narrow face.

Price : 32,000 won

TOPIDA use and Specifications

How to use I
How to use II

The meaning of a TOPIDA logo

  • Automatic Buckle System
    (Pull the strap and let it go. That’s all for a swim!)

  • Anti-Separative Gasket System
    (The gaskets don’t go out against a diving.)

  • Pure Silicone 100%

  • No tearing Super Strong Silicone

  • The Color Ring of No Gasket style for Transformer swimming goggles

  • Super Strong Anti-fog Coating

  • UV Cut more than 90%

  • Mirror coated Lens

  • Optical goggles
    Please choose your degree after consulting with your doctor or optometrists.

  • The Automatic Buckle System is placed on the both of the ears.

  • The Automatic Buckle is placed on the back of your head.

  • The Lens Replacement Available Model